[Fanfic] She, and just her

Versão em inglês da fic "Ela, e apenas ela"
She`s gone. She went to her`s parents house some hours ago. Some hours ago and I`m already missing her. When she was leaving I gave her a last hug and asked her to comeback soon. She said that she just would talk with her parents and shortly she would be back.
I hope that it really happen, because without her, this small town isn`t the same; I can’t feel the same happiness of before. The hours simply don`t pass by anymore. So the days will tarry to pass by, seems like years instead of just seven days without her. And I can`t deny – everything reminds her. I think the others Guardians also feel this same missing. At the school, on the morning (I think I don`t need to comment) I can`t get concentrate at the classes anyway. How I can be concentrate in a simples school subject when I know (and I see) that there`s a desk empty and I do wish that she was there tormenting me since the beginning of the day. About the break time I can`t talk either. We stay each one in a place. We don`t go to the roof of the school, because that`s our holy place when she`s with us. Because it was the princess` wish – stay with us in this little while called break time
In the end of the morning she isn`t here to be escorted neither to annoying me or anyone of us. The afternoons without her isn`t the same as well: On a week I won`t listen her asking me favors, arguing with me, and I won`t feel her delicate hands caressing me when I need someone to cheer me up or to hold tight. In all the moments, sad, happy, cozy, frustrating, painful, glad or calm… The only reason for everything I do is always her: Kasuga Tamaki

I would like to know what she`s doing now, with whom she is talking and who does she thinking right now. Because, if it`s depended on me, I`m not doing anything else other than thinking of her. Right now she`s inside of mind, in my heart. I`d like to talk with her, I`d like to be with her. She, that always can turn everything upside down, who is incomparable, indescribable. She, who warm me up always and in all senses. She that makes the starry sky looks like more brilliant. She, who I wish so much to meet again. Soon, even soon.     


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